Take care of your health in the rainy season with these tips

pharmacybenu.com – The transition season like now makes the body prone to disease. There are various diseases that are prone to attack the body when the rainy season arrives, such as flu, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, colds, skin diseases to dengue fever are also a list of diseases that are often found. If the disease infects you, of course your body will not be fit and as a result your daily activities will be hampered.

So how do you keep your body fit when the rainy season arrives?

Keep the diet

Nutritional intake is an important aspect for endurance. If you lack nutrition, your immune system will decrease so that germs can enter and develop more easily. In order for adequate nutritional intake, you must pay attention to a healthy diet by consuming carbohydrates, side dishes, vegetables, fruits and drinks.

According to the Ministry of Health, the frequency of meals per day must still be considered from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is a top priority because it fulfills 15-30 percent of daily nutritional needs. In addition, it is also recommended to consume probiotics such as tofu, tempeh and yogurt to avoid infections such as flu and diarrhea.

Consuming probiotics helps maintain the intestine so that the digestive system runs smoothly. Meanwhile, to maintain your immune system, you should consume warm drinks and vitamin C. Consuming vitamin C regularly will ensure that the body’s need for vitamin C is met, which in turn will help you improve the function of the immune system in the body.

  • Meet the Needs of Body Fluids

Often people ignore the consumption of water during the rainy season, the cold air makes the reason for thirst rarely occurs, for that you often miss consuming enough water. But in fact, both the dry season and the rainy season the need for fluids in the body remains the same.

Don’t think of consuming water only when you feel thirsty, but try to think that all the food that enters the body will be digested properly if the fluids in the body are met. In addition, adequate water supply can increase endurance. So make sure you continue to consume fluids of at least 1.5 liters per day. If you are tired of constantly consuming water, you can consume warm plain tea or ginger water which will make your body feel warmer.

  • Be sure to Always ‘Hygienic’ Every Day

During the rainy season, germs and bacteria will multiply more freely due to high humidity. That is why the body is more susceptible to disease. In addition, hands are the most common medium for germs and bacteria to enter the body, unconsciously you will enter more germs and bacteria into the body through your hands, such as eating with your hands, touching other organs with your hands and so on.

So make sure you are always hygienic by getting into the habit of washing your hands every time you arrive home, every time you touch an object or object, before and after eating and every time after touching the toilet. Because the toilet is one of the places with the most sources of bacteria. Washing your hands with water alone is not enough to make germs and bacteria in your hands disappear, for that, wash your hands using a disinfectant soap so that the bacteria that are lodged in your hands can be knocked out.

  • Keep the environment clean

Environmental cleanliness must also be considered. Clean the environment in places that have the potential to become nests for germs and bacteria to breed. For example by burying or burning garbage, closing holes that have the potential to stagnate rainwater, closing water reservoirs, cutting branches and grass that is too shady. The environment is shady, damp and dirty places will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes that cause dengue fever to breed.

  • Take a Shower Immediately After Getting Rained

Disease will easily appear when the body experiences a drastic change in temperature. Therefore, when your body is wet with rain, you should take a shower and wash your hair immediately to stabilize the cold temperature carried by the rain. When you dry off, your body temperature gradually returns to normal.

  • Wearing Warm/Thick Clothes

The clothes you wear will also affect your health in the rainy season. Avoid using thin and transparent clothes, especially when doing outdoor activities. Thick and warm sweaters or cardigans will protect the body from the cold air during the rainy season. And of course, don’t forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat in your bag!

  • Sport

Exercise is a simple and easy way but great benefits yes. Physical exercise for 30 minutes can activate white blood cells. White blood cells function to provide a fast and strong defense against areas of the body that experience inflammation. Exercise does not have to be done outdoors, but also indoors. So even if it rains, you can still exercise.

  • Pay Attention to Sleep Patterns

The cold air during the rainy season invites drowsiness. But never ignore this drowsiness. Take enough rest and sleep, but don’t oversleep. Excessive sleep portions will make the body become weak and stiff in the muscles. Also, avoid staying up late or staying up late at night. Adequate sleep can restore stamina and improve the immune system. For this reason, make sure if you have enough sleep at night.


Diseases that spread in the rainy season do not only affect adults, children are also even more at risk. According to the Ministry of Health, the rainy season is indeed an opportunity for microorganisms that make people sick. Well, by increasing the body’s resistance can prevent the entry of these microorganisms. Those are some tips to minimize the risk of health problems when the rainy season arrives. Hope it is useful!

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