6 Choices of Mental Health Tests You Can Try to Know Mental Conditions, Available Online!

Benefits of Mental Health Tests

pharmacybenu.com – Early detection can prevent the severity. Good mental health is one of the factors that supports happiness in life. Therefore, it is important to do a mental health test. There are many types of mental illness, from depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, to addictive behaviors.

A study in the International Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care found that mental health disorders are as dangerous as physical illnesses. This disease can make sufferers miserable and can cause problems in everyday life.

This makes mental health issues in society increasingly a concern. In fact, recently there have been many websites that provide online mental health tests. However, it is important to know that the results of these mental health tests cannot be used as a serious benchmark without a doctor’s supervision.

Here’s how to do a mental health test that you can do:

1. MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) test

The MMPI test or Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is a psychological test conducted to assess personality and psychopathology.

Launching Frontiers in Psychology, this examination aims to determine mental health conditions, so that professional experts can determine whether or not mental disorders are present in people undergoing this MMPI test. Not only for needs in the world of clinical psychology, this test is also often used for other purposes.

For example, the MMPI test is also used in various legal cases, such as in criminal cases to assess the defense of a suspect or in cases of disputes over child custody to assess the character of both parents. There are 3 MMPI tests, namely the MMPI-2 test, the MMPI-2-RF test, and the MMPI-A test.

In this mental health test, respondents will be asked to answer a number of questions. The number of questions to be answered depends on the type of MMPI test being taken. The answers to these questions will later be converted by a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist into a report.

2. Mental Health Test

Currently, there are many mental health test websites, so Moms must be careful and choose the type of test that is standardized and recognized by experts, such as the mental health test. The mental health test is an early instrument for early detection of mental health that has been recognized by the Directorate of Prevention and Control of Mental Health Problems and Drugs of the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

In this test there are 3 early detection tests, namely CAGE related to alcohol addiction, Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ 20) to determine the presence of mental health disorders, and the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS 15) to screen for depression in the elderly. However, keep in mind that the test results are not a serious benchmark, Moms.

3. Psychiatric Medical Examination

The next mental health test is a direct examination conducted by a doctor. Routine psychiatric examinations will examine the patient’s mental condition thoroughly and in detail. Meanwhile, emergency psychiatric examinations focus more on symptoms, history of abnormalities, and patient behavior prior to the emergence of psychiatric disorders.

Psychiatric medical examination aims to detect the presence of mental and behavioral disorders in a person. This is done because not all psychiatric disorders can be detected easily. This examination can also be carried out for other reasons, namely when asked by the authorities or a court to conduct a psychiatric examination of a suspected criminal.

Doctors and psychologists will carry out medical examinations by conducting interviews and observations, either with the patient or with the patient’s family. You may also be asked to fill out a standard written questionnaire or to take a verbal test.

This test is generally designed to assess:

  • Certain problems such as depression.
  • How well you can think, reason, and remember.
  • How well you can perform activities of daily living such as eating, dressing and shopping.

If necessary, the patient will be asked to undergo supporting examinations in the form of blood and urine tests in the laboratory or with imaging, for example CT scans and MRI of the brain. This examination is intended to evaluate more deeply the mental function and specific matters related to the patient’s psyche, such as the patient’s personality type, level of intelligence (IQ), and emotional intelligence (EQ).

At present, there are already many online psychological personality test sites that can be used access for free. The presence of various online personality test sites has helped many people to know themselves better. Personality tests do not only talk about a person’s character, personality, and emotions, but also give an idea of what jobs are suitable for that person.

The benefits of mental health tests are basically to detect more quickly or determine a person’s risk for experiencing mental disorders, such as:

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • eating disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

The following are the benefits of mental health tests:

  • Diagnosing mental health conditions.
  • Distinguish between mental and physical health problems.
  • Assess someone referred for problems at school, work or home.


A mental health test is a test conducted to test a person’s knowledge or cognitive function. Generally, this test examines the patient’s appearance, attention span, orientation, language skills, memory, and judgment skills. There are many kinds of tests, ranging from personality tests, bipolar, to psychologists. So, those are the ways and benefits of mental health tests. Don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist if you want to do an initial mental health screening test.

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