5 Positive Activities to Get Rid of Headaches

pharmacybenu.com – Directly or not, stress can be one of the triggers for various physical health problems that you experience, one of which is dizziness and headaches. Feelings of stress or anxiety that are ignored are often the beginning of a headache. One way to get rid of stress-induced headaches is to engage in positive activities as a way to achieve a healthier body and mind!

Try these 5 positive activities.

1. Meditation

Meditation is an activity where you put aside negative thoughts and get rid of all the things that weigh on your mind. The trick is to regulate breathing for 15-20 minutes. If done correctly and consistently, you can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, the rhythm of your body and mind becomes calmer and more balanced, the risk of experiencing headaches caused by stress will also be reduced.

2. Socialize

Loneliness can also make you depressed. As a social being, you definitely need the presence of other people. However, so that socializing is not a burden, you should choose an environment that can foster a positive atmosphere for yourself. Closest friends or relatives who can be trusted and invited to share stories are the right choice. Thus you can express your thoughts to complain to reduce the burden on your mind that can trigger headaches.

4. Eat your favorite food

Delicious food can always please you. If you feel stressed to the point of dizziness and headaches, there’s nothing wrong with seeking comfort by eating your favorite foods. But avoid foods that are too sweet, too cold, or too much flavoring. Better to choose food that is warm and healthy because it can have a comfortable effect on the body.

5. Exercising in open space

Exercising is also one activity that is very beneficial for the body. But if once in a while you can ‘play’ outdoors and do sports in the open rather than at the fitness center, why not? Thus, you will immediately get two benefits at once; a fit body and a fresh mind, say goodbye to dizzy headaches!

6. Play with pets

Playing with pets has a good effect on keeping stress away. Playing with pets can directly lower cortisol while increasing levels of the hormones serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine in the body. Serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are two of the hormones known as the ‘happiness hormone’ so they are good for your mental as well as physical health.


Keep stress away by doing lots of positive activities as above. If a headache occurs, take the first natural treatment step by always having a headache herbal remedy in your bag that contains fever (anti-inflammatory), Willow Bark (analgesic and antioxidant), and Guarana (pain reliever) which are processed using technology. modern and practically packaged to deal with headaches naturally.

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